I made the first painting on 35 mm film in 2008. It is called Pori–Helsinki. It shows colours and forms that create an illusion of passing sceneries, like seen from the window of a train. The work is a mixture of concrete and psychological travel. Tapani Rinne and Verneri Lumi have made the soundtrack.

My second film is called Sea. Sea is painted upon the 35 mm negative made of Pori-Helsinki. The result is dark scenes that resemble a sea view at night. Pentti Dassum has made the sounds.

The third work to the series is named Attraction and it is painted upon the two earlier works - to the positive made of the second work Sea. Emma Augustsson, Anton Svanberg and Jesper Eriksson have made the sounds.

The fourt painting will be painted on the negative made of Attraction.

In this series days and nights follow each other.





©2015 Miia Rinne