At first, I had a hundred-meter-long, clear film reel, on which I hand-painted my childhood landscape - and named this painted film Pori–Helsinki. After that, I have hand-painted, and digitally post-worked, five more works upon the first one, Pori–Helsinki.Over time, vertical narration has become more and more integral part of this many year's film work.

FI / Vuonna 2008 aloitin monivuotisen teossarjan, jonka osat rakentuvat kerroksittain aina edellisen teoksen päälle. Ajan myötä teossarjaan on tallentunut hiljaista tietoa vähän samoin kuin sitä on käsitöissä ja luonnossa. Lineaarisen kerronnan sijaan teossarjassa korostuu vertikaalinen/syvyyssuuntainen kerronta.

More about the process 2008–2022

VII Seventh work in progress
VI Uusi mato / New Bugs (2021/22)
V Mixed Feelings...Mixed Media, Mixed Tapes (2020)
IV Beautiful Confusion (2017)
III Attraction (2015)
II Sea (2013)
I Pori-Helsinki (2008)

Uusi mato / New Bugs (2021/22) | extract
5:50 min
film and video work: M. Rinne
music: P.P. Puska


Mixed Feelings... Mixed Media, Mixed Tapes (2020) | extract
4:40 min
film, video and sound work: M. Rinne
music: P.P. Puska


Beautiful Confusion (2017) | extract
3:30 min
film and video work : Miia Rinne
music and sound: P.P. Puska and Zemlja


Attraction (2015) | extract
5:00 min
painting and editing: Miia Rinne
sound: Emma Augustsson, Anton Svanberg, and Jesper Eriksson


Sea (2013) | extract
5:43 min
painting and editing: Miia Rinne
sound: Pentti Dassum



Pori-Helsinki (2008-)
edit1 16:30, edit2 5:50 min
painting and editing: Miia Rinne
sound: Tapani Rinne and Tuomas Norvio (aka Verneri Lumi)

Pori-Helsinki (extract) on Vimeo




Pantagruel´s Mouth (2010) | 3-channel video installation
4:40 min
montage: Miia Rinne
sound: Pentti Dassum

Pantagruel´s Mouth on Vimeo


Pantagruel´s Mouth consists of three video projections side by side, each showing the passing of a journey. Material comes from a variety of feature movies. Using short citations, I have built a new journey within the vast universe of original stories.

Pantagruel's Mouth relates to the human need to tell stories and fantasize. The title comes's from Renaissance writer F. Rabelais. In one of his story, the narrator-character gets lost in the mouth of the giant Pantagruel, and finds there a new world.




Skull (2002)
4:40 min
montage: Miia Rinne
sound: Christer Nuutinen

Skull on Vimeo


Skull is a ride into driver's head.




Social Physics (2009)
2:50 min
montage and sound: Miia Rinne

Social Physics on Vimeo


Playing with boxes, 16 mm film, found footage, montage, and sound.




But the most important thing is love (2003)
4:00 min
montage Miia Rinne
sound: Christer Nuutinen

But the most important thing is love on Vimeo


A collage of life and the sense of belonging. Sometimes the sound gives a hint of something coming, and sometimes it refers to something already gone.


©Miia Rinne